Ready For Summer Vacation?

Before the end of the month, children will complete their current academic year and will begin to get ready for annual summer vacations.

This is a time of year they have been salivating for since the end of last year’s vacation period. There is an excellent likelihood if you asked the average child between the ages of ten and fifteen what their favorite time of year is they would probably tell you late June through late August. They have finally finished their current school year, their vacation awaits them and they have yet to be thrust into the hustle and flow of a new school term complete with the many unknowns and pitfalls new classes, new teachers and new classmates normally provide.

Although many older teenagers may prefer remaining home with school mates for a vacation which includes lengthy travel, they understand these types of family moments are few, won’t last forever and they relish the opportunity to spend relaxed time with parents and siblings.

Although economists believe the recession is over, this is far from the truth. Employees remain nervous how long their job will exist and have become spending conservatives if and until they believe better times are here to stay. For this reason, many families will once again be sticking closer to home again this year for cost-saving purposes.

For families in this predicament, an enjoyable time can be experienced even though chances are you won’t make first-time discoveries or visit new areas. Long Island possesses so many geographical treasures there’s always something to appreciate or enjoy for a second or even a third time if you’re a young child or a savvy senior citizen. In addition to some of the nation’s most beautiful seashores, Nassau and Suffolk counties offer restaurants for all tastes, botanical gardens, unparalleled shopping destinations and an endless list of outdoor recreational possibilities including fishing, swimming, hiking and boating.

Enjoying and making the most of vacation time is about sharing special moments with family rather than spending gobs of unnecessary cash. The old commercial catch phrase “for the times of your life” means to appreciate what you have with those you love most and never miss an opportunity to create a once-in-a-lifetime family moment this summer.